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Non Slip Floor Treatment Options for Retail Shops

If you own or operate retail shops in Cape Town then slip accidents can be a very real concern, both for visitors and for your employees and this can result in liability and costly litigation. Non slip floor treatment products and applications can help alleviate any concern over floor safety and help prevent these accidents effectively, but only if the right products, techniques, and professionals are used. There are many anti slip floor options to choose from if you want to detect and address slip fall risks on retail shop floors, and the best possible choice will depend on a variety of factors and considerations.


The Facts and Statistics

  • Close to 1 in 3 workers compensation claims are the result of a slip fall accident in the workplace.
  • Slip fall accidents in South Africa cost millions of dollars each year in medical costs alone. When the cost of legal action is included this total can be in the billions.
  • These types of accidents are a prime target for fraud. When retail shop floors have had non slip floor treatment applications this eliminates the possibility of a fraudulent claim, and helps to prevent any liability on the part of the retail shop owner.
  • More than 1 million people visit local emergency rooms around the world each year as a result of this type of incident.
  • In order to defend against a lawsuit for Duty of Care liability caused by a slip fall accident the average cost is around R1,000,000 per accident. The cost of applying anti slip floor treatments becomes insignificant.


Tips to Keep Retail Shop Floors as Safe as Possible

  • Non slip floor treatment should always be applied or installed by experienced professionals. This will ensure that the proper steps are followed and the end results are achieved.
  • Never perform floor maintenance or cleaning when customers are present if this is possible.
  • Clean up any spills, standing water, or moisture on the floor as soon as these are noticed. This will help prevent slip fall accidents caused by these substances.
  • Keep all cords and other items off the floor. If there are cords, cables, or other clutter these can cause someone to trip or slip and could lead to serious injuries.
  • Have a floor specialist test and evaluate the retail shop floor for any high risk areas or other floor safety issues.


Our company is an industry leader in floor safety and non slip tile treatment solutions for any type of property. We will quickly assess and evaluate your retail shop floors so you are aware of all relevant risks, and we can recommend affordable and effective solutions that will meet your floor safety needs along with the flooring types and materials involved.

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